Three Surgical Procedures Most Dogs Will Require During Their Life

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Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." How incredibly insightful and true. When my children were growing up, we always had various pets on our property. My children were constantly bringing home strays to be nurtured and loved. I still have plenty of animals around because my children leave their pets with 'grandma' when they go travelling. At present, I have two dogs, three cats and a parrot! Over the years, I've always stressed the importance of regular vet visits. As soon as a stray was brought home, I would make an appointment. The simple preventative treatments provided by our vet saved a lot of money and heartache. I like to keep up to date with the latest vet treatments. I hope this blog provides useful information for those who care about animals. Thank you.


Three Surgical Procedures Most Dogs Will Require During Their Life

30 August 2021
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Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world and many people raise their family dog up from when they were just a puppy. This close connection to your dog makes you want to do anything to protect it, which is why it is so great that there is a thriving and well equipped veterinary system in Australia. While the idea of surgery might not be that appealing to you, veterinary surgery has gotten more and more advanced to the point where most procedures are very safe. Here are three operations that are some of the most common surgeries that dogs face during their life.


Of course, desexing is a must for virtually all dogs in Australia. If you do not work in a licensed breeding program or you aren't a farmer who knows what they are doing when it comes to animal husbandry, then there is no need for your dog to not be desexed. Desexing makes sure there are no unwanted accidents and also gives you a much calmer pet in general. It must be done before the dog reaches a certain age or it is less effective at preventing medical issues later in life, so make sure to get this sorted out early.

Lump Removals

Cancers and other tumours are quite common in dogs, and it is not unusual for a dog of a certain age to have had multiple surgeries to remove recurring lumps. That does not mean that these conditions are fatal, far from it. Dogs can live quite happily for years after most of these procedures because they are very good at removing the issue in a way that does not impact the dog's quality of life. The older your dog gets, the more likely tumours developing is, and this increases the frequency of which you need to go to get them checked out at the vet.

Injury Care

Dogs are inquisitive and active animals that often leap before they look. This can lead to injuries, and it is not uncommon for dogs to require minimal surgery to patch up cuts, scrapes and lacerations. If your dog has a lot of bleeding or an obvious wound, do not try to patch it up yourself with a human bandage you have in your first aid kit. They need proper medical care by a vet surgery that can prevent infection and stop the loss of blood as soon as possible. 

If your dog needs veterinary surgery, visit a vet in your area.